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EduKick Language Immersion & Culture

academicsAt EduKick, we believe in complete language immersion. Students at our international soccer schools will attend classes conducted in the country’s language. Even their daily soccer training will be in the country’s language. In addition, they’ll have 15 hours of language instruction every week, including an hour of homework every night.

Our goal is to expose students to the language and culture of the country as much as possible. By the end of the international soccer school, they haven’t just become better soccer players. They’ve become fluent in another language as well.

EduKick students also have the option of trying for certain language certifications in different countries. For example, at EduKick Madrid, students can take the test to earn a DELE, a diploma that certifies competence and command of the Spanish language. For more information about these certifications, contact us.

Cultural Excursions


In our increasingly connected world, learning to understand other cultures and other languages is a vital skill. At EduKick, our students have the opportunity to do both.

EduKick soccer school players experience as much of the culture of their host country as if they were living there normally. They listen to the same music, watch the same television shows, and eat the same food as the native citizens.

While the focus of our camps will always be soccer, we make sure that our players have plenty of chances to experience their host city and country. Some basic evening activities that we sponsor include bowling, movie nights, cycling, evening walks, and sports nights.

We also have regular daylong cultural excursions, which take our players out to famous or historically significant sites.

Here’s just a few of the places we take our players while in England:

culture_stadium• Countryside walks in the Lake District
• Blackpool Pleasure Beach trip
• The football museum
• Stadium tours
• Shopping in the Manchester city centre

Discover a new culture while learning your favorite sport. Sign up for one of EduKick’s international soccer schools today.