Language Classes

All EduKick programs contain a language learning component. Whether participants are attending a summer camp, Year Long program or visiting as part of a team tour or larger group (optional) they have the opportunity to learn the basics or become proficient with the language of the country they are visiting.

Students are administered a language level examination and are then placed in classes based upon their test results. Classes are divided into the appropriate levels based on demographics and exam scoring. In order to motivate and meet the needs of our students the programs provide an innovative curriculum from which instructor’s choose their teaching items.

Using our curriculum, instructors can customize each class to meet the needs of their particular group of students and develop a program that is sensitive, relevant, and interesting. Concerning methodology, EduKick programs follow the communicative approach to language teaching and learning. While a class may be focusing on a particular aspect of language learning, such as grammar or vocabulary, the methodology used in the class allows students to practice what they have learned right away through meaningful communicative activities.

This approach focuses on giving students the opportunity to practice using the language under the guidance of their instructor.

Our instructors adhere to professional standards and are professionally trained. Small class sizes allow teachers to give each student individual attention and to encourage maximum participation. An average classroom has 15-20 students.
At the end of the program, students are given a certificate of completion.

Academic Courses

EduKick Year Long Academy programs provide students with academic courses as well as Language immersion

• Manchester, England : BTEC Diploma and certificate in Sport (Sports science course)
• Madrid, Spain: High School Grade 7 – 12 (Spanish language speaking school only)
• Cannes, France: Middle school for students aged 12 – 15 (specially adapted program for international students)
• Perugia, Italy: High School Grade 7 – 12 (Italian language speaking school only)
• Belo Horizonte, Brazil: High School Grade 7 – 12 (Portuguese language speaking school only)
• Puerto Vallarta, Mexico: High School Grade 7 – 12 (Spanish language speaking school only)
• Santa Barbara, USA – High School Grade 7 – 12 (English language speaking school only) & EFL study

Note: it is recommended a minimum 200 hours of language study be taken before attempting one of the High School programs if the country you wish to visit is not your first Language. In some cases our affiliate High school will require you to demonstrate your language level prior to being accepted and offered a place of study.

Online Study

We recommend that if High School credit is a high priority for a student that wishes to attend one of our academy Year Long programs but the country they wish to visit is not their first language or does not offer the courses they require Online High School study should be considered.

The EduKick academy schools and accommodations offer free Wi-Fi and our own academic staff are happy to assist and guide students who are studying online. Many of our academies have adapted curriculums to include 1 – 2 hours of self-study per day.

We recommend that no more than 3 or 4 subjects be studied online in any Year Long academy program because the nature of the curriculum keeps the participants busy for at least 30 – 40 hours per week and online subjects can take up 8 – 10 hours per week.

Students who require High School credit while abroad should also consider surrounding the EduKick Year Long program with summer school to offset the workload.