Commission Bonus

EduKick is excited to announce our new commission rates for all our venues.

EduKick Standard Agent Commission

10%-15% all short term programs: Summer and identification camps, monthly and custom programs

$2,000 USD Flat Rate: Year Long (9 month) Academy courses

$1,200 USD Flat Rate: Half-year (6 month) Academy courses

*All registration and commission payments made in US dollars

Early Bird Bonus

$1,000 USD Bonus for all 9-month or 6-month Academy registrations received before March 1st.

EduKick Football Academies are the complete package in study abroad programs. Our academies provide daily professional football training combined with excellent language instruction, academic courses and chaperoned cultural excursions.

If you have any clients interested in EIFA, please let us know if we can be of assistance to help you close the sale.

For more information about EduKick call 1-905-631-9541!


Joey Bilotta, V.P. EduKick
The Language and Soccer/Football Culture Experience of a Lifetime

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